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Coping with a hornet invasion can be dangerous, especially if you are allergic to stings. It can be challenging for homeowners to remove a nest properly, as wasps are ferocious pests that can cluster and attack if they feel threatened. So you should always do it with professional help. 

All our bee removal experts in Chantilly are outfitted with specialized equipment to keep them secure when handling hives and nests.

Our customers have been entirely satisfied with our “do it right the first time” work in Chantilly. Whether you need honey bee control or wasp removal, we are fully prepared to meet your needs.

About Bee And Wasp Removal In Chantilly

These pests are not deadly except for people with severe sensitivity. One wasp is typically not a problem, but depending on the size of the hive, you may have hundreds or thousands of them inside your house in Chantilly.

We can assist you in getting rid of them if you discover their population is continuously growing so that they don’t pose a severe problem.

Our bee extermination procedures will remove the entire hive and end it by eradicating any remnants of the pack. To prevent them from returning in the future, we’ll also provide more wasp control recommendations.

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How Do We Perform Wasp Infestation Removal

Examine The Property

To find the wasp nest, we will first investigate the property in Chantilly. The examination may entail looking in eaves, attics, walls, and other places where these yellow jackets are known to nest.

Determine The Species Of Hornet

There are many different types of hornets in Chantilly; some are more aggressive than others. To determine the best course of action for treatment, we will first investigate the variety of insects present.

Make A Treatment Plan

We’ll create a treatment plan after finding and identifying the hornet nest. A different treatment strategy will be used depending on the kind of hornets, where the nest is, and how bad the infestation is.

Get Rid Of Bees Nest

Our bee and wasp exterminators use specific tools and procedures to safely and successfully remove the nest in Chantilly. We’ll also take action to stop the hornets from coming back.

Purge The Region 

After removing the nest, we will clean up the area to remove any leftover debris.

Our Professional Wasp Removal Treatments

Chemical Treatment 

This treatment involves spraying a pesticide to kill the insects. Using a power sprayer or applying the herbicide by hand are both options.

Heat Treatment

This method kills the pests in the nest with a heat gun or steam cleaner. Nests that are hidden away or inaccessible may benefit from the heat treatment. This treatment is also very efficient for small wasp nest removal.


The wasp hive removal treatment entails plugging up any openings these creatures could utilize to enter your house or property, such as cracks or holes. The therapy may aid in preventing them from initially constructing nests.


These pests are removed using traps baited with food or pheromones. Trapping can be an efficient method for managing tiny populations of these pesky critters.

When To Call Blue Star Pest Service For Help In Chantilly?

The following are scenarios where you should book our pest control company for bee and wasp removal in Chantilly.

  • If you see a nest of hornets that is hard to reach, like in the chimney, attic, or eaves
  • If little children or pets are in your house
  • If you cannot figure out where the hive is located

Contact a pest control company immediately if you want bee infestation removal in Chantilly. These insects can sting several times and are potentially hazardous. The nest may be securely and effectively removed by a pest management specialist, who can also stop them from returning.

How Long Does It Take For Wasp Infestation Removal?

Seeing hornets buzzing around your home or workplace in Chantilly might be frightening. And for this reason, it’s essential to hire exterminators immediately. 

Depending on how severe the condition is, it may take some time to remove larvae or fully-grown nests. We may terminate the hives in a few minutes to a few hours.

If the nest is tiny and easy to access, we will remove it immediately. However, it can take longer and require specialized equipment if the nest is in a difficult-to-reach location, like inside a wall or roof. We occasionally need to make many visits to remove the nest and guarantee that all pests have been removed.

Call Us Today: For Wasp-Free Living In Chantilly

Blue Star Pest Control is only a phone call away if you need to get rid of a bee’s nest. Our top experts know how to provide excellent honey bee removal services.

We will assist you with any work, no matter how big or small, whether it involves bee removal or a significant wasp nest removal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do your experts utilize pheromone-based traps?

To efficiently reduce wasp populations, our professionals use pheromone-based traps that imitate wasp odors to draw in and catch them.

Do you provide any preventative measures to deter hornets from reappearing?

We use barriers and repellents to prevent hornets from infesting your property again.

How do you handle hornet's nests in sensitive places, such as those close to gardens?

Our professionals securely relocate or remove nests close to sensitive locations to protect gardens.

How much does wasp removal cost in Chantilly near me?

Our price varies according to the nest’s size, location, and infestation level in Chantilly. We recommend obtaining a quote following an evaluation.

Do you have customer references concerning your services?

Yes, Blue Star Pest Control provides customers with references so they can be sure of their decision.

Is there anything I must do before your wasp exterminators arrive?

You can clear the areas of infestation before our experts arrive and cover your furniture to protect it from wasp spraying.

After extermination, do these wasps return?

After wasp removal treatment by our experts, the likelihood of these pest nest recurrences is extremely low. However, nearby colonies might settle again in Chantilly if precautions are not taken.