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Homes are severely threatened by termites in Chantilly. These insects have an unquenchable appetite for the structural timber in your home, and queens can lay thousands of eggs daily. Unfortunately, home insurance rarely pays for insect damage, so you need to take extra precautions to prevent infestations. You can do that with the termite extermination service at Blue Star.

Who Are We?

Blue Star Pest Services in Chantilly, VA, provides skilled pest exterminators who can assist you in getting rid of termites in your house or commercial area. We have the knowledge, tools, and supplies to handle any pest problem.

Our specialists in Chantilly use cutting-edge equipment and eco-friendly materials to rid your residents of bed bugs and other pests. We are trustworthy, reasonably priced, and ready to help right now!

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What Do We Do For Termite Extermination Service In Chantilly?

Our pest control business for termite extermination service in Chantilly uses a systematic procedure for termite inspection, treatment, and prevention:

Termite Inspection

Our termite inspection team carefully examines a property’s interior and exterior spaces, detecting pest species and potential weak points. They produce a thorough report outlining their findings and supporting their suggestions with evidence.

Termite Treatment

Based on the findings of the termite inspection, specific plans are developed. These may include chemical (termiticides or bait systems) and non-chemical (heat or freezing) termite treatments. Many preventative actions are taken to stop infestations further.

Termite Protection And Prevention

Our experts advise property owners in Chantilly on termite protection and protection. Addressing structural flaws, leaks, and moisture issues are among the recommendations. Additionally, regular monitoring and instruction on pest behavior and prevention are offered.


We offer recurring follow-up visits to make sure these pests aren’t present. For future reference, thorough records are kept, and customer support is provided if necessary.

Ultimately, effective, secure, and long-lasting methods to protect buildings from pest damage are the ultimate goals of the pest control team.

Types Of Termite Treatment We Offer

Our pest exterminators in Chantilly offer various termite treatments to eradicate and prevent infestations properly. The following are some popular termite treatment options:

Liquid Termiticides 

Liquid termiticides create a chemical barrier that helps in termite treatment. This strategy keeps pests out of the building, destroying existing colonies.

Bait Systems

Stations for bait are buried all around the property. These nasty creatures eat these and spread the slow-acting toxins they contain throughout the colony. The colony is finally destroyed by interfering with their growth cycle.

Wood Treatments

Our wood treatments entail putting termiticides directly on wood surfaces, such as wooden structures or furniture.

Foam Applications

Foam is used to inject termiticides into the building’s voids, fractures, and crevices. Hard-to-reach locations are treated adequately with the foam since it extends to hidden pest galleries.

Heat Treatments

Our heat treatments include increasing the temperature for termite removal where these insects can no longer survive. 

Barrier Treatments

Physical or chemical barriers are added later or established during construction to stop pests from entering the structure. These barriers are made of treated soil, crushed stone, or metal mesh.


Our best fumigation covers the entire building in a tent and introduces a gas for termite removal treatment.

When Is The Right Time To Call Us For Termite Extermination Service?

When should you get in touch with us for assistance? Here are a few indicators that these pests have infested your home, so you must call us immediately for termite removal.

Wood Damage

Regularly check your flooring or other wooden structures because termites feed on wood. Wood damage is mostly discovered beneath and behind surfaces like floors and walls. If you notice any signs of wood damage, contact us, as we are the best pest exterminators in Chantilly.


Termites have wings if you find abandoned wings near windows, doors, or other entry points to your house in Chantilly. Then, you need to act immediately and contact our top exterminators in Chantilly.

Mud Tubes

If you notice any mud tubes near trees, outbuildings, or where the earth meets your house in Chantilly, you must take action and book our best termite removal service before these pesky critters ruin your home.

Brown Excrement Pellets

Grab your flashlight and search for termite waste. Their feces might look like wood or be dark brown pellets. This will indicate the presence of an infestation.

Our experts will do a complete termite inspection, determine the kind of pests present, and create a treatment strategy specific to your requirements. Remember that termite control will be cheaper and more manageable the earlier you deal with an infestation.

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When you search for “the best termite removal service near me,” you’ll quickly find us at the top regarding pest infestations.  

We take pride in offering high-quality pest services that eliminate pest infestations and stop them from happening again.

We have established a reputation as one of the best exterminators in Chantilly and the surrounding areas thanks to our competitive pricing and dedication to client happiness.

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Are we just another typical pest control business in Chantilly? No! Blue Star’s termite extermination service will exceed your expectations. Here are a few factors influencing your decision to hire us for your termite pest control needs.

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Are You Looking For Best Termite Extermination Service Near You In Chantilly, VA?

Blue Star is here in Chantilly, VA, to provide you with the best termite treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can foam applications help termite removal in wall cavities?

Foam coatings can effectively treat insect galleries within walls and other difficult-to-reach spots.

Are my family and dogs safe during the fumigation of the house?

Our specialists adhere to stringent safety regulations and perform fumigation. People and pets must leave the property during fumigation. 

Will your heat treatment for termites harm my possessions or the building?

Professional heat treatment for termites carefully monitors the temperature to maintain a fatal level for pests while keeping the building and its contents secure.

What is your average cost of termite extermination in Chantilly?

The average cost of pest treatment involves the degree and extent of infestations.

Do you offer free termite inspection services in Chantilly?

Yes, we provide a complimentary termite inspection service in Chantilly.