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Don’t wait for a rat or mouse infestation to disappear on its own if you think you have one. Call us immediately to avoid further delay in resolving this rodent issue professionally and promptly. Whatever rat pest control needs our customers may have, our rodent exterminator are here to help. 

Our ‘do it right the first time’ principles have worked wonders for us over the years, earning us hundreds of satisfied customers. Our rodent exterminators are prepared to handle any infestation in Chantilly, regardless of its size or severity. We can always take anything from bed bug eradication to mice and other rodent infestations. We can defeat these pests despite how unpleasant they are.

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Types Of Rodent Infestations Our Rodent Exterminator Deal

In Chantilly, Virginia, several rodent species are present. The habitats of these rodents include urban, suburban, and rural settings. In Chantilly, the local rodent exterminator team at Blue Star deals in the following species:

  • House Mouse 
  • Norway Rats
  • Roof Rat  
  • Eastern Chipmunk
  • Field Mouse

Right Time To Call Our Rodent Exterminator For Removal In Chantilly

Contact our top rodent exterminator in Chantilly if you observe any of the following indications of an infestation.

  • Scrubbing or scraping noises coming from the walls
  • Food containers with gnaw marks on them
  • The presence of unidentified stains low along the walls 
  • Strange squeaky noises coming from the roof 
  • There are a few little rodent droppings everywhere in the house.

Types Of Rat Pest Control Treatment Our Rodent Exterminator Offer

Blue Star has professional pest exterminators who employ many techniques and treatments to remove rodents from houses and other structures. We use various techniques depending on the extent of the infestation, the species of rodents present, and the homeowner’s preferences.

Here are some typical rodent removal methods from our local rodent control experts in Chantilly near you.


Our professionals use traditional snap, glue, and live-catch traps to catch rodents. These traps are deliberately positioned in rodent-active regions. 


Rodenticides (poison baits) are a common tactic used by our rodent exterminators in Chantilly. The poisons in these baits effectively destroy the entire colony of rodents. 


A crucial part of our pest control for rats is sealing entry points and possible access locations. The crevices, cracks, and openings that rodents utilize to enter the structure are found by our exterminators, who then fill them to prevent future entry.

Ultrasonic Devices

We use ultrasonic devices that produce high-frequency sound waves to deter rodents. 


Our rat exterminator in Chantilly suggests and carries out structural changes to stop more rat infestations. It includes putting up barriers, screens, or other deterrents to prevent rats from entering.

Integrated Pest Management 

Our pest exterminators use an integrated approach with numerous treatments for more efficient and ecologically friendly rodent removal. This strategy emphasizes insect population reduction and long-term prevention.

Book Us Today For Guaranteed Mice Removal In Chantilly

Call Blue Star in Chantilly for rodent removal services immediately because pests can swiftly take over your house or office before you even know it. 

Mice removal is one of the many pest management services we provide. We enjoy offering our customers high-quality pest services, and our skilled and experienced experts always use safe and efficient procedures. 

Our rodent exterminator work hard to respond immediately and offer quick and efficient remedies since we know the worry and difficulty that a pest infestation can bring. So, before it’s too late, schedule your appointment today.

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Why Choose Us For Rat Pest Control?

Rodents Don’t Stand A Chance Against Our Expert Rodent Exterminator!

Be sure to immediately contact Blue Star Pest Service in Chantilly if you seek a personalized and effective treatment plan to rid your house of rats. We provide:

Bed Bug Treatment In Manassas, VA

Rat-Free Living-Professional Rodent Exterminator In Chantilly

Are you struggling with a rat infestation in your home or office? Then save your time, contact us immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a rodent exterminator near me in Chantilly. When can you visit my home for inspection?

Our team will reach your home in Chantilly for inspection within 24 hours.

Does your business have any expertise with commercial rodent removal?

We offer rodent removal services in Chantilly for residential and commercial premises.

Are the ultrasonic devices you use successful at rodent removal?

While we do have ultrasonic devices available, their efficacy varies. For optimum results, we combine them with other techniques.

Are poisonous baits that you use safe?

Rodenticides are employed wisely and per laws. The risks to pets and non-target animals are kept to a minimum with the placement of these baits.

How can you tell how bad a rodent infestation is?

We thoroughly examine your property for evidence of rodent activity, nesting locations, and access ways. This evaluation assists us in determining the extent of the infestation.

How much does your rat exterminator cost?

The costs vary depending on the extent of infestation and number of treatments required.