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Millions of houses are invaded by termites yearly, resulting in billions of dollars in damage that homeowners insurance rarely covers. Despite being present in all countries, they pose a severe problem in Gainesville, VA. Pests will infest your home at some point, not if termite treatment is essential. The first step in defending your investment from these hungry bugs is a comprehensive termite inspection and home appraisal by our certified bug technician.

Blue Star goes above and beyond the call of duty to safeguard your family’s and the environment’s well-being. Our termite removal services are pleased to provide cutting-edge termite removal service options.

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We in Gainesville are skilled termite exterminators who can assist you in getting rid of any pest infestation in your house or place of business. We have the knowledge, tools, and supplies to handle any pest problem, whether termites, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, or other pests.

Our exterminators can help you remove pests with cutting-edge equipment and environmentally safe chemicals. We are trustworthy, reasonably priced, and eager to help.

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Fumigation Of House By Our Professionals

We mainly utilize pest fumigation for termite removal in buildings or structures in Gainesville. Handling pest infestations is critical since they can seriously harm wood and other cellulose-based materials. Our procedure for insect fumigating of the house is as follows:

Termite Inspection

Your home will first undergo a professional termite inspection in Gainesville. This inspection will show our termite exterminator where these pests are present and the extent of infestation. This process will assist us in choosing the best course of action.

Termite Removal Service Preparation

Your home needs to be ready before being fumigated in Gainesville. This step entails clearing the property of all vegetation, food, medicines, and pets. Additionally, you must wrap or seal any consumable products in the unique bags that our termite exterminator will supply. You should also extinguish pilot lights and gas lines.


The entire structure is often covered in tents during a pest fumigation. A sizable, airtight tent covers the residence to keep the fumigant inside. This tent is usually made of plastic or tarps and is firmly fastened to the ground in Gainesville.

Fumigation Of House

Our termite treatment specialist will fill the sealed tent with a fumigant gas. Pests are poisoned by the fumigant in Gainesville, which is commonly a gas known as Vikane (sulfuryl fluoride) or a chemically related substance. The gas permeates the building and seeps into the wood and other components that could contain pests. The gas will only partially saturate the contaminated areas for several hours in Gainesville.


Our termite pest control team will start the aeration process after some exposure time in Gainesville. To do this, we remove the tent and use fans to blow fresh air through the building, clearing it of the fumigant fumes. We ensure no dangerous residues are left after this phase. It is essential to adhere to strict safety measures in Gainesville.


You will be permitted to enter your home in Gainesville once it has been determined that the building is secure. Usually, our termite exterminators will instruct you when it is safe to return and what safety measures to take.

Post-Fumigation Termite Inspection

A post-fumigation termite inspection will occur after some time, often a few days to a week. To ensure the termite treatment was effective in getting rid of the pest infestation.

Repairs And Termite Protection

If any damage to the roofing or landscaping occurs during the fumigation process, it will be fixed or re stored. Moreover, steps will be taken to protect the building from future infestations in Gainesville.

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Don’t wait to take action if you believe you have a pest infestation, whether you need commercial or domestic termite pest control services. For termite treatment in Gainesville, book Blue Star Pest Service immediately. Our pest treatment specialists are ready to assist you in getting rid of pests and stop them from reoccurring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if pests return after your termite removal service?

We offer a warranty of 3 months if the pest returns during this period, then we will provide free termite removal service.

How is your termite service different from other companies?

We have licensed and trained termite control experts, and our termite removal gives 100% results. So our services are different from other companies.

Do you offer free termite inspection near me in Gainsville?

Unfortunately, we dont offer free termite inspection.

I have heard about your natural termite removal process. How is this method better than DIY?

Due to safety, efficiency, and legal compliance, professional termite removal is preferable. Our natural termite removal process shows better results than DIYS.

What is your average cost of termite extermination in Gainsville?

Our average cost of termite extermination depends on the degree of infestation.

I am looking for termite companies near me in Gainsville. Can you help?

Indeed, our team will be glad to provide termite treatment to you.